DTTG does not remember sync settings

Next… Every time I hit the sync button, it re-asks me to select the computer AND select the databases to sync. It should remember my choice.

Good or bad, that is the intended behavior.

Well from my point of view that is bad behavior. I mean, not that I would expect a computer to remember something in the year 2010…

Remember it, and put in in the prefs so it can be changed on demand.

Something like Pastebot’s one-system-selected-at-a-time Sync Settings:

This is what DEVONthink To Go does: It asks you which computer you want to sync with but remembers the database selection and presents it to you.

I understand what it does now but it’s not perfect. It remembers the databases but I always have to confirm it again. What for? I should be able to hit the sync button and have it start syncing right away.