DTTG doesn't ask for sparse code

I have a sparse data base in DT3, when I synch it with my DTTG (ipad + phone) the sparse db appears in my DTTG but does not ask for the code to open. So the database is open the whole time I have DTTG open. Is this normal, I would like for it to ask for the code when I want to access something from that dadabase, as 95% of the time I access my non encrypted db & don’t use the info from the sparse db.

DEVONthink To Go does not support encrypted databases.
It also does not support per-database locking, i.e., requiring authentication to open a database. There is only an application security option in Settings > Security, that locks the entire application.

Thanks, is encrypted support something being considered for future versions?

iOS devices already offer on-device encryption so we currently have no plans to offer an additional layer of encryption on the already existing encryption.

Per-database passwords are complicated to solve from an interface perspective on iOS where all databases are always “open” on app launch.

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Interesting. So does this mean that my databases that I thought were encrypted that require password aren’t actually encrypted? I set the passwords on Devonthink for mac, but then open on DTTG. A bit confused.

The data in DEVONthink To Go is device-encrypted, not encrypted in the application*(which is what happens with other apps in iOS as well)*. Your data is encrypted at rest, so when the phone is locked the data can’t be accessed by anyone. When you unlock the iOS device, the data is decrypted for you to use.

Also, the database passwords you set in DEVONthink are not for locking a database. This is clearly noted in the File > Database Properties

In addition, when you set a per-database password on the Mac you’ll need to enter this password in DEVONthink To Go before you can sync the database. From then on this database is protected on the device using the device-wide encryption. You can also set a passcode or use Touch ID or Face ID on the device to keep people from getting into DEVONthink To Go and view your data.

Thank you for this. I commented on another thread. Was a bit confused by this. I always assumed (incorrectly) that the database password encrypted the data in the icloud. Does this do anything for data that resides in iCloud?

Let define our terms…

  • A password is not an encryption key. A password is used to limit access to something, whether your bank account, your car door, or a database being imported from a sync location.

  • An encryption key is not a password. An encryption key is used to scramble (and unscramble) data, so if it’s intercepted or opened, it is unreadable without knowing the key that scrambled it.

So no, adding a username and password to a database via File > Database Properties or the Info popup for a database in DEVONthink To Go, will not encrypt the sync data.
Only specifying an encryption key for the sync location before you initially sync to it, will encrypt the sync data.