DTTG Font Size

Why is the font size on DTTG so small? This manifests itself into ways: (1) if I sync an rtf file from the Mac to the iPad, a readable font size of, say, 12 points on the Mac becomes almost unreadably small on the iPad; and (2) if I create a file on the iPad with text having a font size of, say 12 points, then it is similarly too small.
I realise that I can pinch to zoom but that then means having to scroll right and left to read the text. Other apps that I use for entering text don’t have this problem - Pages, Byword, PlainText etc. all render text at a good readable size. Similarly, MacJournal renders text at a good size when syncing text files from the Mac. Why is DTTG different in this respect?

Font size in DTTG3 Markdown files is too small to be legible. How can I increase the font size when viewing text in a Markdown file? Is there a CSS file somewhere that controls how DTTG3 displays the contents of a markdown file?

Settings - Documents - Plain text size

Move the slider to the right

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