DTTG future upgrades? Some ramblings :)

With the new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard combination, I started wondering when the next big upgrade for DTTG would be.

So far, I’ve found using DTTG to collect and archive materials I’ve found on the web to be mostly inconsistent and somewhat frustrating because it’s not an easy workflow to determine if something “sent” to DTTG has been captured appropriately.

Certainly on the desktop version, it takes a bit of finagling too but it’s a bit less frustrating though still involved. For instance, I’ve been capturing many articles and sources on COVID-19 (as I’m sure many of you are too!) and my typical workflow on the desktop version is to check in DT3 as soon as a capture from a website is made and then either re-do the capture or tidy it up as I need it to be.

With DTTG, I cannot always capture websites in my preferred “Formatted Note” (clutter free) form and I’m not sure why; the option doesn’t always appear. And then when I can capture in Webarchive format (not something I generally prefer), sometimes what’s captured is a page with no information.

I suppose because I’m on the iPad OS platform, it’s not as easy to always check when something hasn’t been accurately captured and that adds to the frustration. Part of this may have to do with the fact that the screen size — the iPad — is much smaller. My iPad is currently an iPad Pro 9.5 with a keyboard, soon upgrading to iPad Pro 11 with Magic Keyboard.

Currently, I don’t use DTTG much to capture web information. I leave that task to when I’m on the computer. I wish my workflow would be different as it’s typically more relaxing to be on the sofa with a small device, reading up on COVID-19 articles and filing them away at that moment in DTTG.

Anyhow, just some thoughts and expressing curiosity to know what the future development of DTTG would be.


I started wondering when the next big upgrade for DTTG would be.

You’ve been with us for 5 years, you should know by now we don’t announce development timeframes :wink:

Captures on the Mac can be problematic as well due to paywalling or content delivery mechanisms.
However, iOS is a simpler platform and the multi-app experience is cumbersome and leaves a lot to be desired compared to using a Mac. These are platform and technology differences you have to accept in the current state of things.

You’ve been with us for 5 years, you should know by now we don’t announce development timeframes :wink:

Haha. :slight_smile: Wish I could say I’ve been that attentive to the DEVONtechnologies forums, but I typically only visit when I have issues =). I thought I remember reading blog posts and such about the big upgrade to v3.0 for DT.

Just an observation about working methods, rather than DTTG. If I find a web page that interests me, I always save it to Pinboard (very quick and easy), then I print it to PDF. That freezes it in the state in which I found it (web pages can change) and it gives me a portable version that I can work on using various tools. I find this the simplest way of going about things (for me), and very reliable. And of course you can import from Pinboard into DT later if you want. And/or you can put the PDF in DT. Just another way of doing things.

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mbbntu, thanks for the suggestion. It’s a good one!!

My 1 hesitation is that PDF files can be quite large and more often than not, what I need is the text. Ok, so 1 PDF file may not be that large but over time it adds up.

A little discovery I found (and maybe what I found is absolutely no surprise to anyone but me :slight_smile: ), but there goes:

One way to “clip” a webpage on and iPad Pro (and it seems to work quite well for the most part) is doing a copy of an entire webpage and while the contents are held in memory, create in DTTG a new document and paste the contents into the body. From there you can edit as you see fit, then save as a formatted note.

I’m really happy to have discovered this because with my new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard, I can happily clip away many things I read when I’m not around a typical computer setup situation.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re after but I’ve set up an ios shortcut to clip a webpage to markdown and save it - mine is currently set to save directly to a Dropbox folder but I’ve just tested it and you can set it to ask you where to save it, at which point you just choose devonthink on the files list and continue.

It works well, images come across and it captures the original url. It doesn’t work with signed in things, though, sadly.