DTTG has vanished from iOS share menu

Some time in the past 48 hours DTTG vanished from the list that appears when I click on the “share” option in any other app. IOW, the familiar and useful ability to share a web page or news article or PDF is gone. Trying to share, I see icons for messages, mail, browsers etc etc but DTTG simply isn’t there any more. And when I click “more” to get a list of all possible apps I can share with, DTTG does not appear.

I “share” stuff to DTTG all the time so the disappearance is kind of maddening.

Anyone know how to fix?

I am on an iPhone X with the latest versions of iOS and DTTG.



A second restart of the iPhone made DTTG reappear. Sorry for posting prematurely. Still wonder what caused the problem, though.


It is something with Apple’s IOS operating system. If you wish to pursue the “what and why” best to ask them.

That’s an iOS bug that started with iOS 14. Happens to every app with a share extension, if that app was updated. I practically restart my phone every 2 days because of it. In my case, it even happens to Notes app somehow. Apple doesn’t seem to have much of a priority fixing this one.

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I have one app, Paprika, that disappears from the share sheet all the time. I don’t have to restart the phone, just by dismissing the share sheet and tapping it again-Paprika is there. Might be worth trying that when DEVONthink to Go is missing.

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