DTTG imported files location for iPadOS

Hello, just for curiosity, I’m wondering where DTTG saved my imported files in iPadOS. I usually drag pdf files from iPadOS native Files app to DTTG to make copy of the files but so far I can’t locate any DTTG-related files in Files app. Thank you.

It would be helpful to share how you are dragging the files into DEVONthink To Go.

I have iPadOS 14.4.1. I open my DTTG then I do light swipe from Dock so I can open Files app and make it on window. From there, DTTG and Files app are simultaneously opened.

With the two apps running side-by-side, you need to have a group active in DEVONthink’s left pane, or sidebar. If you have a full document window or a pane that says “Nothing selected”, you can’t drag a document into that view.

Here’s an example, drag the document into the left side (anywhere under Global Inbox, in this example) and you should see a green circle with a + to show the document will be added.

Sorry but I think you misinterpret my question. I know a green circle with a + showed up and I can successfully put the documents there as imported files in DTTG. My question is where the files (that I have put in DTTG) were saved in Files app (the default explorer app from Apple).

That’s Files.app running by itself, where you described opening DEVONthink To Go and Files.app side-by-side. You are dragging files into the sync location on your iPad-you should delete any files you put there as that will not work.

You will need to select the ‘…’ menu at the top of the Files.app Sidebar, select Edit Sidebar, and enable DEVONthink’s database groups to appear in the Sidebar. Then drag and drop from there.

Thank you very much. Now I can see the DTTG folder after I clicked Edit Sidebar.

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unfortunately, a search of devonthink to go databases from within the files-app does not render any results on neither iPad nor iPhone (both on iOS 14.6), whatsoever.

Is there something to be set up prior to being able to search DTTG?

can you even search the folders from within the files-app or can you just see them? @ridakbr

No, after synchronizing the databases DEVONthink To Go should start to “index” everything which means transferring the received data to an index that can be searched quickly. When that is completed everything should be immediately searchable.

ok. so I guess I have to troubleshoot then … because once it is not happening on both iPad and iPhone … :thinking: