DTTG in German not in English

From Italy I downloaded DTTG from AppleStore. The version downloaded is in German, not in English. I tried to reinstall and to download again. Many updates are intervened since my first installation, but it was always impossible to change the language. For me it is not a big problem, because I know German quite well, but …

Thank you

Is your mobile device set to German or English? DTTG uses what iOS reports. We don’t have separate builds.

All my devices are set in Italian. Last iOS.

I can’t reproduce this problem here. I will file an issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Have you checked your language order in the system settings? If German is higher in the list than English any app that offers a German localization will use that as a preference.

In general apps have no control over the localization except for that they offer it. iOS will choose according to your preferences.

Thank you. Now all is good … :smiley: :smiley: