DTTG, iOS 7 and TextExpander

Are there any plans to relatively soon put out an update to DTTG that uses Smile’s new SDK to return proper TextExpander function into DTTG?

TextExpander no longer works in DEVONthink To Go 1.3? We haven’t changed anything here. We will, of course, have full support also in version 2.0.

No. It does not.

(Hard to test, since DTTG crashes on iOS 7 more than it remains open.)

Smile posted a blog entry on this here.

smilesoftware.com/blog/entry/how … nder-touch

The next version of DTTG seems still far away. So, perhaps in the meantime you might want to correct the product page, where is mentioned that Textexpander is supported (devontechnologies.com/produc … to-go.html). Actually it is not supported at the moment and that info is - at least it was for me - quite misleading.

Can’t wait to see what DtG 2 has to offer. The hype is incapacitating.

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