DTTG iOS beta access?

Dear Devonthink Team,

On a recent episode of (I believe) AppStories, Federico Viticci implied (though didn’t say explicitly) that he’s using a beta of DTTG that has support for file-level (but not folder-level) open-in-place functionality.

1- Did I understand that correctly – open-in-place, at least for files, is at least at the beta stage?

2- Is there any way we normal users can get access to this beta? Open-in-place is by far the most important missing feature for me, and I can’t wait to use it! I can promise bug reports and feedback!

Thanks for your time.


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I’ll forward this to the appropriate person.

I’d love to be on the beta too if there are additional openings. I’d love to contribute.

If there is space available on the iOS beta via TestFlight I’d love to join as well!

If you’d like to join our beta test (which is not an early-access program) please send us email.