DtTG (iOS) -> DtPO (OS X) unidirectional sync?

DtTG’s Global Inbox on my iPad currently contains just a few documents created directly on the iPad. What’s the recommended way to sync/copy those documents to DtPO on OS X without DtPO’s entire Global Inbox being synched/copied to DtTG? It’s never been synched before. Thanks!

Unidirectional sync is not an option. To get the documents out of DTTG I suggest “Send by Email” or “Open In…” from the sharing menu. For example, “Open in…” Dropbox, and then import into DEVONthink on the desktop from Dropbox.

(Welcome back, BTW.)

As I suspected.

I intended to (and now will) try Open in… Dropbox if unidirectional synching was a non-option.

Thanks. I noticed your avatar’s changed since my last major visit… whenever that was. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be around again more, especially while futzing with synching desktop dbs (favoring Greg’s New sync sub-forum? suggestion).

Of course you could move everything out of the Global Inbox, sync, then put it all back.

Moving everything out of DtPO’s Global Inbox will surely be a unidirectional journey and it’s long overdue!