DTTG is opening annotated PDF in the global inbox only

Hello All,

I read through the forum and learned how to use DTTG with PDF editors on iPad using the “Open in” method. So I decided to buy DTTG and started to use this feature right away. I noticed that when I open a PDF from DTTG into PDFExpert, GoodReader, iAnnotate (yes, I have them all…), do some annotation marks and then “Open in” DTTG, the annotated PDF returns to the “Global Inbox” instead of the database where I started from.

For the record, I didn’t change the file name. And while the PDF is in the “Global Inbox”, it holds a “UDID – Tag.pdf” filename pattern.

Any idea?

This shouldn’t, of course, happen but is caused by the way the Open In mechanism works. When building the next big update for DEVONthink To Go 2 we’ll keep an eye on this effect and try to work around it.

Thank you for your reply. So do you think that the issue is how my iPad is configured at the moment? If I reset my iOS to the factory settings or wipe it entirely and reinstall DTTG, will this solve it?

With regard to the next update, will it support iPad 1 (iOS5.1.1)?

Best wishes.