DTTG Item Counts

Hi, I have 2 iphones and an ipad on DTTG. The item count in the recently viewed and trash are different.

The recently viewed count is different across all three devices. Is this only the recently viewed on the device or should it be universal after a sync? Where can I find the similar recently viewed count on DT3?

The trash count is different in one database on the iphone 8 (older ios) and that might be because the trashed things are a group and a subgroup. However I have another database that has deleted items and groups and that count looks good.

All are on DTTG 2.7.7
I’m syncing via Bonjour
Iphone 8 is on ios 12.4.1 and
iphone 8+ is on 13.4.1
ipad is on 13.4.1

The next release will revise the item counts.