DTTG keeps syncing out-of-date version

“Sales” is my DT database on the MacOS desktop synced iCloud. I setup sync with DTTG a year ago on the iPad. Worked fine. I’ve modified the desktop version many times but never resynced until this week. Got the old version on the iPad. Deleted it. On the desktop I cleaned the iCloud (CloudKit) location. Cleaned the “Sales” database. resync’d. Still get only the previous version. Can’t seem to delete it from iCloud.

What now, Kemo Sabe?

Forgot to say DTTG v. 2.7.9, DT v 3.7.2. MacOS 12.0 Beta (21A5268h). Sync problem occurred before I started using the beta.

DTTG versions prior to 3 do not support CloudKit; as such, if you are using CloudKit sync with the Mac, your Mac and iOS devices are not syncing to the same sync stores.

Note: DEVONthink To Go 2 is now out of development. After eleven long and successful years, it was finally retired and replaced by its successor: DEVONthink To Go 3. Version 3 is not only more reliable and performant but also features many modern improvements, e.g., OCR, contextual menus, multiple windows, etc.

Please install and use version 3. When it launches it will copy the database from version 2 though you may have to add your sync locations again.


Thanks, Bullfrog. Thought I was up-to-date. Started using an older iPad with the previous version. Updated and all is fine.

Thanks again,

You’re welcome :slight_smile: