DTTG Manifest File missing in IOS 11 syncing via WebDAV


After upgrade to the last ios11 beta, DTTG is complaining about a missing manifest file. However DTTG in iphone, IOS10, same WEBDAV location is synced without problems and MacBookPro does also ok. I have “quickly verify database” in MacBook Pro against the two databases in the WEBDAV and the log says the WEBDAV destination is ok.

I am assuming WebDAV is ok and the problem is in IOS11, is there a way to fix it without resyncing the whole datatabase from scratch?

You used the magic word “beta.” Did you mean to say that?

I’m in iOS Beta (Developer version) since Beta 6 with DEVONthink To Go and had no problem…

Yes, i used the word beta :slight_smile:, I do not mind resyncing the whole dB, just I wanted to highlight it here in case it might be of help for Devon to know

What kind of WebDAV server/service do you use?

It is my local NAS (Synology DS1813+) with the official synology webdav package. The 3 devices have “verify uploaded items” checked. When I am away from home, synced is done via openvpn tunnel.

i have fully deleted DTTG in my iPad, installed and resynced again, however I still get the error, so I presume there is something wrong in the WebDav storage despite the OK verifying the db.

Unless you suggest otherwise, I will simply delete the WEBDav storage and resync from my main computer.

Cleaning the sync store should fix this. Could you please tap the ? button on iOS, choose Contact Us and send the email to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Maybe the logs contain some useful information.