DTTG markdown file is eBook on DT

I don’t often use DTTG (latest version) to capture webpages to my databases, but the past few times I have, I noticed that when I capture the page as a “markdown”, DT on the desktop interprets the file as an “eBook”.

For example, I recently read this on my iPhone: Prince Philip: The Vanuatu tribes mourning the death of their 'god' - BBC News
I used the Share Sheet to capture this as a “markdown” document to one of the inboxes of my database. When I opened this on DT, it sees it as an eBook.

Are one of my settings incorrect or is this a bug?

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What kind does the Finder show and what’s the default app for this file?

Looks like the default for this is calibre and indeed in Finder it’s noting it as eBook. Ha! :slight_smile: What’s a better application to associate this with? I don’t really use calibre to read markdown files (or are eBooks mostly in markdown formatting? I have no clue).

(I mostly capture webpages as “Formatted Note” so I’m really not that familiar with markdown. Alas, that type option isn’t available on DTTG. In case someone reading this isn’t familiar with calibre: https://calibre-ebook.com/ )

Probably any Markdown editor is sufficient.