DTTG Markdown notes with images on the go

Hi Forum,
I am curious about how people do their markdown notes on the go (using DTTG) if you tend to use a lot of images in the them (for example screenshots, or pictures from physical books).
What is a “smart” way to organize a MD note which is created on DTTG in this case?
I keep all my MD notes in one “group” and images reside in one “group” called “assets” - but I am not sure what approach to take to directly put them in the right folder and attach them into the right (currently opened) note while “on the go” (e.g. not with DT3/MacOS). Probably this would require a set of shortcuts scripts, but curious to know who everyone is handling this?

For docs requiring images, I segregate the Markdown files and images in a group. I sometimes will put them in a subgroup. I do this in DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go.