DTTG: Meta Data Size (First DTTG2 question)

What is your experience with the MetaData Size (only metadata should be synced)?
Is there any possibility to influence this size?

My two DT databases have a size of ca. 1,1 GB und 4,5 GB.
It seems that the smaller DB needs about 300-350 MB storage size only for the metadata.
is this realistic?

Or may be a reason more for a new iphone in September with more space!

How many items and how many words does the database contain (see File > Database Properties)? Lots of images and PDF documents can increase the metadata size due to the thumbnails too.

Size: 1,7 GB
121.000 different, 2.563.134 total words
5 pictures
662 pdf

DTTG2 needs about 400 MB for this DB (Information from Iphone-General-Memory)

Is it possible to deactivate the generation of thumbnails? On my ipad they are looking pretty nice, but on my iphone the save of memory would have priority.