DTTG not allowing me to log in - Asking me to pay

I purchased the upgrade of DTT3 however with the new version of the app (yesterday I upgraded version), it logged me out and is asking me to pay…I tried pressing Restore and it is not working.
Help, I used DTT3 in my day to day. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you chose the free intro period and didn’t actually buy an in-app purchase? And version 3.1.5 (updated just yesterday) should extend the free intro until the end of August.

I don’t think that is the case, however, how can I validate this?

You should have received a payment confirmation email and invoice from Apple. The App Store should give you all the information you need.

Thanks, I checked and it was purchased on February 16, 2021. How can I make it work again? Even remember I paid and upgrade from V2.X, but I might be wrong

Forget what I said…I used another account…thanks

When you used another Apple ID then, of course, DEVONthink To Go cannot know that you purchased. All purchases are tied to the Apple ID you used for purchasing.