DTTG not linking "round tripped" files

DTPO 2.3.2; DTTG 1.2.2

Formerly, if I opened a PDF from DTTG to Good Reader (for example), I could annotate the document in Good Reader and then “open in” it back to DTTG. DTTG would recognize the file (by the filename that uses DTTG’s UUID) and replace the old with the new, annotated file.

Now, this isn’t happening. Sending the file back to DTTG, DTTG puts the file into the Global Inbox and doesn’t link it back to the original (and replace the original).

If DTTG is no longer going to support round-tripping that’s OK over here – but can we then get rid of the goofy UUID-based file names?

Let me check into this. Nothing should have changed on our end (but I’ll check to make sure I haven’t forgotten something), but it’s possible something changed with that interaction.

Is it only Good Reader that this is happening with or what other apps have you tried?

Jon, thanks. Just GoodReader tested so far.

I tried this yesterday and was able to reproduce, then dug into it a bit more today and was able to reproduce it once and not reproduce it another time.

In my case, I realized that when I was able to reproduce, I had sent DTTG a flattened version of the annotated PDF. When it worked properly, I sent the annotated PDF “as-is.”

Is there a chance this matches up with your experience or are you reproducing this when sending “as-is”?

No, I never flatten - always use “as is” . @GR came up with a new version yesterday – have not tried with the updated software yet.

Shucks. It was worth a try. :slight_smile:

I didn’t have GoodReader before, so I was using the most updated version (3.12.0).

Also, what hardware and iOS version are you using? I’m using an iPad 1 with iOS 4.3 and GoodReader for iPad.

iPad 2 with iOS 5.whatever-is-current

Jon, I tried this will all the latest versions of GoodReader, iAnnotate, PDFExpert, and Readle – and the roundtripping worked with each (and the annotations were visible/editable in DTPO after being synced back to the desktop).

So, as you, I’m not able to reproduce it now.

Ok, sounds good. If you run into it again, let us know.

Sad to say, I am experiencing this problem as well with Iannotate. About 50-70% of the time, the round tripped file gets sent to the global inbox. I am using the latest versions of iannotate and DTTG, on an ipad 3.