DTTG not syncing


I have DEVONthink installed on three devices: an iPhone, an iPad, and a MacBook Pro. Sync is set up through iCloud.

This has been working fine for me for years - I was syncing through dropbox for a few years and then through iCloud when that was made available, and never had any trouble until a few days ago.

A couple of days ago, DTTG on my iPhone (XS Max) stopped syncing. Since then, none of the changes which I make on that phone propagate to DTTG on the iPad or to DTPO on the Mac, and none of the changes which I make on the iPad or the Mac propagate to DTTG on that phone. The other two versions of DT continue to sync with each other just fine - if I add a document on the iPad it shows up on the Mac, and if I add a document on the Mac it shows up on the iPad.

There is no indication (other than my files not syncing) that anything is wrong on that iPhone. In DTTG => “preferences” (lower right icon) => sync => edit locations => iCloud, all of my databases are shown as synced within the last few minutes. When I select DTTG => preferences => sync => edit locations => left swipe on iCloud => verify thoroughly, nothing is found. On the Mac, “verify and repair” of each database comes back clean.

One other odd thing is that yesterday, DTTG on that iPhone crashed several times, in each case when invoked through its share extension from Scanbot. This is another thing which I can’t ever recall happening previously. After each crash everything appeared fine, and aside from those crashes and the failure to sync everything seems to work fine.

I suppose I could reinstall, but I have about 60 files which I’d need to first “rescue” manually. Is there anything I can try to diagnose the problem?

Please select Help > Contact Us in DTTG to start a support ticket. Thanks.

It started to sync again on its own. I’ll open a support ticket if this happens again.

Glad to hear it.
Note: iCloud “has a mind of its own” and can stall and resume as it sees fit. This is nothing under our control, unfortunately. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to happen often.