DTTG on iPad2?

Hi there. I’m happily using and syncing DevonthinkPro (latest version) on my iMac and DTTG on my iPhone 6, via iCloud Drive. But I’m having no luck at all syncing on my old iPad 2, which is running version 2.6.3 of DTTG, the latest it can manage. When I add an iCloud location and the relevant encryption details it does appear to connect but I’m left with only a new Global Inbox and no sign of my databases. Am I wasting my time trying to get this to work? I’ve not been able to find a definitive answer either here or elsewhere on the web. I’d be grateful for any answers to this or thoughts on other workarounds?

How big is the database on the Mac?

Hi there. I have a couple of databases but only trying to sync one at the moment which holds c. 1700 documents and has a total size of 4.25 GB. On checking the log I see that something, presumably the ipad is constantly triggering an “invalid encryption key” message. I have several times checked, deleted, and rechecked that the key is correct. Does that help?

Are you manually typing in the encryption key? If not, do so and see if that makes a difference.

Hi again. I have tried again to enter the key manually but with same results–an empty Global Inbox which is “not yet synced” and I’m still getting the invalid encryption key messages in the Mac app’s log, though no such message appears on the ipad version. Thanks

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks!