DTTG on multiple iOS devices?

Stupid New User question…

Short version: I purchase DTToGo and installed it on one iOS device. Shouldn’t that same license be valid for multiple iOS devices that I own?

Context: I’m trying to get this all configured correctly and working across 2 Macs and multiple iOS devices. I have DTPersonal installed on two Macs (in trial mode - have not yet purchased but will do so once I’ve seen it all working across devices), I’ve set up a test database on one of them, and DTToGo installed on an iPad, and (to my pleasant surprise) I seem to have the test database syncing OK (syncing manually, via Bonjour, which I don’t think I’ve ever used or paid any attention to previously). Content created and saved to DTPersonal in my iMac now syncs and appears on my iPad. So far so good. Now I’ve hit my first (probably of many) stumbling blocks…

I purchased DTToGo (doesn’t seem to have a Trial option, but I assume that’s probably Apple just being their usual very controlling selves…) and installed it on one iPad (iPad Pro 10.5", currently running iOS 11.4.1). All good there.

Now I want to get the same content synced to my phone (iPhone X, currently running iOS 11.2.5). On my phone, I go to the App store, find DTToGo, and…it appears it’ll charge me again if I install it to my phone (at least it sure appears that way).

My questions…

  1. Since I already purchased the app and installed it on one iPad, shouldn’t that license allow me to install it on multiple other iOS devices I own? (I have an iPhone and a second iPad I am planning to use it on)
  2. Do I need to do anything special to enable a second installation on another iOS device (without paying twice)? If so, what do I need to do?
  3. Am I just excessively paranoid about Apple never missing an opportunity to extract yet more revenue from me, and should I blithely click that “Purchase” button on my phone even though it looks like I’m gonna be charged a second time, because Apple’s UX staff screwed up this case because they’ve been so busy designing animated emoji and other critical features?

Thanks for the guidance. More Stupid New User questions will probably follow.

Your iOS App Store purchase should apply to the mobile devices that your Apple ID is logged into. If this is not what you’re seeing, I suggest you contact App Store support as we have no control over the App Store’s behavior.

And that’s what I was expecting, too…just wanted to confirm the expectation (and multi-device licensing).

After futzing with the phone a bit I’m now seeing the download/installation option with no additional charge, so I was able to get it installed and running, all good, issue resolved.


You’re welcome.

This is how Apple works when downloading a previously bought app for a second or third, etc, iOS device using the same Apple ID. It always annoys me. I just go ahead and validate the “purchase”, and THEN I’m told it’s free. Really! With all the coders working at the Apple space ship, you’d think one of them would say “hey, this process is not user friendly” and provide a fix.

It is indeed a bit out of character with Apple’s general approach to customer experience.

They’re very busy working on animated emojis, watchbands, and new $10,000 desktop computers in the shape of trash-cans, so basic user experiences and QE are on the back burner. As soon as their stock price picks up I’m sure they’ll get right on it.