DTTG on the iPhone questions

How can I find out the location of the document I’m currently reading? The info screen shows tags, but no groups. And returning from the info screen to a previous web archive, often only a blank screen is displayed instead of the document. The location would be useful when going through the “unread” group.

So I decide to take a look at that later on the desktop. But how can I “unread” a document?

At this time, there is not a way to find the location other than to find the document in the hierarchy. I’ll make a note and we can consider this for a future release.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to mark a document as “unread” on the iPhone, though this does exist on the iPad. I will make a note for us to consider this for a future release.

Seems like an unusual disparity to exist, for whatever reason.


Yes, please do that. The way it works now, if one opens a document after searching, it’s not possible to see documents that are grouped with it. In my case, it means I have to think before I do anything: do I want to read a single document, or do I want to read around? If the second, I don’t search but spend time navigating to the relevant file (if I know where it is). It’s all a bit messy.

At the moment DTTG offers significantly less functionality than eg GoodReader, is not more elegant, and what functionality it does offer is not as refined. And it costs more. That’s not really going to work long-term is it?