Hi all,

Often when I view multi-page PDFs within DTTG (version 3.3.3) on my iPad or iPhone (iOS 15.3), after scrolling past the first few pages later pages are blurred out and I see an endlessly spinning roundel in the top (and bottom) right corner of each such page (see attached screen shot)


Is this a known issue and, if so, can anyone suggest a solution? Out of interest, what does the spinning roundel indicate - is DTTG doing something to the PDF? Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

Many thanks in advance!


How big are the PDFs (pages and absolute size)?

And are they “pure” PDF (from Word, for example), or the origin of the PDF is a scan? In this second case, depending on the MRC compression level (for example, with extra font antialiasing), it takes time to show the pages if they aren’t pre-cached, as happens when you scroll fast. In my experience, even with big PDF (200-300 Mb), after some seconds (10, 20), the page is finally shown in my iThings.

How big are the PDFs (pages and absolute size)?

In the latest case, 33 pages and 1.7MB.

And are they “pure” PDF (from Word, for example), or the origin of the PDF is a scan?

Usually the former I think - PDFs that have been created from Word or some other text editor application.

Then I don’t know the answer. For the size you’ve answer to @chrillek, surely it is a “true” PDF.

I thought I’d have a look as I read pdfs in DTTG a lot, but I can’t replicate this error. I don’t have my files downloading to my devices, so when I go to open a pdf I have to download it first. I’ve opened an image heavy 45MB pdf with over 100 pages. It took a few seconds to download (wheel spinning while it did this). Once opened, I scrolled rapidly to the middle of the document without any problems.

Do you have your whole database downloading to your device? And is this happening shortly after you opened DTTG, or when you’ve had it open for a while? When you first open DTTG, it does need a little minute to sync your database changes, so if you’ve got things automatically downloading and are opening your pdf immediately it could be this?

Thank you for your comment. No, I don’t have my whole database on my iOS device - just keep 100 items. I think this is happening shortly after I open DTTG. I have looked at the relevant PDF today (ie. 3/4 days after I originally downloaded it) and it is now okay - no spinning roundels.

I guess I can live with this behaviour. Perhaps it is just taking DTTG longer to download and make available larger PDFs and I need to be a bit more patient.

Thanks again to all commenters on this tread!

You’re welcome and…

and I need to be a bit more patient.

We would all do well to heed this advice :slight_smile: