DTTG Prem: OnDemand download not working when multiple sync

I have DTTG Premium both in iPad and iPhone with several databases synced with WEbdav sinology server at home. My MacBook Pro Syncs also there and have the “Download on demand” feature on the mobile devices. Everything works as expected

I have added now and extra sync store, box.com for the same databases in all the devices. When I am at home, sync goes with Wedav and box.com, when I am on the go, sync happens with box.com only.

However when I browse to a document and click Download, no matter if I am at home (both sync stores available) or on the go (one sync store available only), the download text or the download option in the bottom-left icon does nothing.

Are you indexing content on the Mac but no Syncing the contents of the indexed items? If so, there is no content available to download.
This can also happen if files are missing.


The content is synced in both locations, i.e the option “Syncronize content of indexed items” is checked in both locations in the MacbookPro and databases are fully synced in both locations

This should not be the case as the “Download” link was working perfectly before adding the second Sync Store.

Maybe the app is having trouble deciding with source to use to download the file, as it is available in two sources, but the two of them are not available always? (1st one is webdav, which is only available at home)

Anyway, not really a problem as I can enable only one SyncStore, but it would be great if it worked with both at the same time or gives some kind of error message as the download text link gets pressed but does nothing.

I’m having trouble with syncing (indexed) Items to DTTG as well. :frowning: Hope the next relese will better it! :slight_smile:

Right now the sync tries only the fastest (and probably accessible) location, in this case the WebDAV server. The next maintenance release will use all locations.