DTTG, problem with item links

In DTPO, I have an RTFD document and I put item links into it via ‘copy item link’. Later, when I click onto this link, that document appears in the preview window - no matter where in the DB this linked document lives. As expected.

Once synced to DTTG 2.0.6, item links only seem to work when they point to documents in the same group at the same level. If the linked document is in a sub-group, or in any other group in the DB, an empty screen only displays “nothing selected”.

I haven’t used this mechanism since the DTTG 1 days, but I am quite certain the item links worked properly and globally back then.

hi. i thought the behavior i’ve been seeing was the intended behavior. maybe not. i don’t remember how dttg1 handled stuff.

  1. just like you, i am seeing links fail when directed outside of groups.
  2. in text files, the names of files show up as links in dtpo (if you have your preferences set correctly). they are not linked in dttg.
  3. in text files, a direct link to a file can be copy/pasted in dttg and work fine. the same link doesn’t work in dtpo.

the end result is that you need at least two kind of links to make a personal wiki. it is a bit cumbersome and, ideally, it would be nice if links performed the same on bothe platforms.

We are looking at this now. Thanks!

This problem occurs on an iPad Pro 12.9. I just found that on my iPhone, things work properly, consistent with the desktop version. Both devices are on 2.0.6.

interesting. my problem occurs on the pro 9.7. i haven’t got dttg on my phone. no memory. waiting for the iphone 7+ to arrive by post any day now :slight_smile:

I too have had this problem. Today I have:
a) added ‘Link to…’ links between rtf files on DTP as part of a detailed research process.
b) Synched to DTTG.
c) reviewed links on DTTG
d) when rtf files are ‘edited’ in DTTG, it has removed links and completely reformatted text (from 12pt to 18pt font, also removing bold and italics)

Any ideas/solutions?

I have this same problem - not always, but on a good number of my rtf files, once edited, DTTO kicks out all the formatting and removes the links. Below is an example of before and after. As commented on another thread, I had these all wiki-linked on the Mac, and am now carefully going through and replacing with UID links instead so that they are functional on IOs…I’m a bit devastated to see that this still results in a basically unedited-able document on the mobile device, if my links and formatting are dropped. Any ideas?

RTF files are not mobile native. Third-party frameworks are employed for using them. The next major version of DTTG will be focusing on the editors. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Ok thanks. I’ll hold tight then, and plan on limiting editing RTFs on DTTG.