DTTG quitting on an iPad with Beta IOS every time I try to search

I’m experiencing a problem on my iPad Pro, where DTTG 3.0.3 crashes/quits every time I try to search something. The quitting happens right after I press Enter. The iPad is running iPadOS 14.5. I have tried relaunching iPad, ‘hard resetting’ it, and just this morning deleting and re-installing/re-syncing DTTG to no avail.

I don’t have this problem on my Mac nor on my iPhone running DTTG 3.0.3 and iOS 14.4.

Any ideas to try? Anybody else running 14.5 on their iPad?

I can confirm, it happens with both an iPad and an iPhone running 14.5.

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Is a beta release, right?

Can confirm. 14.5 is still beta but should be out soon.

So, most likely a beta problem, then. Hopefully DevonTech are on it.

We are aware of the problem and we see where it crashes: in an iOS method returning a character set. It’s likely an issue of the 14.5 beta but we’ll keep an eye on it.

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I am having the same problem. My issue for using a beta, I know, but is there any way to work around? Not being able to search is suboptimal.

Yes, revert back to 14.4 and don’t install beta software if you don’t like what may happen.

Just to be clear, I am in not complaining nor blaming DT in any way. This is on me - I am a frequent beta tester and fine with the downsides. I was just asking if other, perhaps more experienced, users had any thoughts.

It’s clearly an issue with the 14.5 beta. This should be obvious. If you are aware of and understand the risks of beta testing, nothing more needs to be said.

This is definitely from the beta. I filed an issue on it. Thanks!

The next update will fix this. We’ve made some changes that no longer make iOS 14.5 choke here.

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I am on the official iOS 14.5 on an iPad Pro 12.9. Latest DTTG version 2.7.9 (16486).
DTTG crashes as soon as I enter any text in the search box. At any place in the database trees.

Can someone confirm?

That is the latest v2 version :wink: This thread previously concerned v3. DT will have to comment on whether and which updates will be provided for v2, but is there a reason why you haven’t updated to DTTG v3?

Edit 25.05.2021 to add: DT have commented on their intentions re. further development of DTTG 2 in another thread.

Good question. I think I waited with the upgrade (my usual let’s see what happens with early adopters…) and forgot to upgrade later.
I have installed it and it does not have the bug.

Thank you for your help!

That’ll be me then. My hair fell out and I ended up in the middle of a pandemic, but other than that things were pretty smooth.

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:grinning: maybe it will grow back some time