DTTG: return to main view (<- already possible)

Unless I have missed something (possible), there is no neat and quick way to return to the main view in the DTTG sidebar (in this context, to me the main view is the one headed “DEVONthink” and showing all databases).

Some of my databases have numerous levels, and once I’m deep into one, returning to the main view to be able to open a file in a different database requires tapping < many times. A home button (or a return to home on tapping the title of the sidebar - behaviour which might well only be intuitive to me) would be very helpful :slight_smile:

(Oh, and smart groups :crazy_face: pleeeeeease give me my smart groups)

Just long-press the back button and, like in any app on iOS 14, you’ll get a menu listing all the levels up to the root.

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Oh shush :shushing_face: yeah that works - talk about intuitive :wink: thanks Eric :+1:t3:

Welcome to the wonderful world of discoverability on iOS :wink:

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