DTTG rewrite

Just posting to encourage progress with the v.2 revise. It has been a long time. Devon’s reputation would be helped by getting a good functional v.2 on the MAS

Reputation? With who? :slight_smile:

Me for one, not that that is very significant.

I invested a lot of effort a year or so ago in DTPO, but ultimately sidelined it mainly because of the clunky sync processes. DTTG 2 was being hailed as the future, so I check back here from time to time to see how it is getting on.

Seems like the annual timetable Apple sets for iOS and OS updates is faster than Devon’s so they can never quite catch up…there is always a new iOS or OS to delay things.

OS seems to me to keep up to date well, (new update out today!) but with IOS I believe, (and will no doubt be corrected if I am wrong) that the developers are completely re-writing not merely updating—a different kettle of fish altogether.

Yes,but this is inordinately long. I believe they have been working on this for at least 2 years which by anyone’s standards is a crazy long time. While I said elsewhere they don’t owe their customers anything, some kind of update and explanation for the length of time this has taken would be greatly appreciated. Personally, I have to assume in the absence of any statements that they have not put enough resources into the iOS rewrite and this concerns me, possibly enough to look for other solutions.

The next generation of DEVONthink To Go will use a modification the next generation of the Sync procedure, the generation following the Sync procedure currently used in Mac DEVONthink applications. And DEVONthink To Go is being entirely rewritten to take advantage of that.

This will be to the benefit of users in the long term, rather than taking the easier development approach of a series of fixes and iOS updates to version 1.x. As previously noticed, version 2.x of DEVONthink To Go will be free to registered users of version 1.x.

While we understand the impatience expressed by some users, we believe the development target tied to the improved Sync procedure is a sound one.

I for one agree :slight_smile:

To be honest, DTTG is functional, but only just barely. For example, I can’t read my complete titles when browsing through a list, I can’t zoom on text, and tags appear to be completely useless. I wouldn’t have been satisfied with updates to this, and I do think it needs a complete rewrite.

I wish that DTTG’s rewrite would come sooner, but having lived through plenty of constantly updated software that doesn’t meet my needs, I think I am willing to be a little more patient to get something that will enable me to get work done on the iPad.