DTTG roadmap


I saw today’s update on database syncing. Nice work. But what really interests me is the future of DTTG syncing.

I’m increasingly untethered from my Mac. On the iPhone or iPad, I find I’m barely using DTTG, because of the steps needed to create a sync. Even when I want to sync some folders, I’m likely to forget to do so as I rush out the door, late again for that appointment or plane. That’s very frustrating when everything else is automatically available on my iPhone.

I’ve used DT pretty much since version 1.0. It’s an old friend. But so are my battered film cameras, and time and progress have left them behind.

So I’m interested to know what’s in the works. Specifically, is DTTG’s sync going to fundamentally change to become more automated?

I don’t want DTTG to be DTPO on the iPad. I just want relevant DT docs on the iPad without having to think about it.

So, in short, can you give us some idea of the DTTG roadmap? What can we expect?

The sync that is being worked on for DEVONthink will be coming to DEVONthink To Go.

While iOS limits us in what we can do for automated syncing, we do intend on streamlining that process a bit from the current process. This new sync process will also support some services like Dropbox that would allow you to sync without being near your Mac.

Does that help answer your question?

Thanks for that. I don’t think you can go wrong in streamlining the process as much as possible. iCloud has set up an expectation that syncing happens automagically. I don’t expect automagic with Devonthink, but magic would be nice. :slight_smile: