DTTG & Scrivner iOS?

I’ve been storing my Scrivner projects within my DevnothinkPro database, but would like to move toward syncing future Scrivner projects so I can access them on iOS devices. I’ve seen a few posts about sync projects & issues, and am wondering if other users have synced Scrivner projects (for iOS) within DevnothinkPro To Go 2.0.

If so, now?

I should add that encryption and security are high priority for me, as well as relying on a dependable backup system, so I’d welcome whatever ideas / suggestions for the best route for secure syncing.


There is no security for Scrivener, as far as I know, so putting anything in there is the same as putting it in Dropbox. However, DTTG is very secure. I’ve had no problems syncing either app. Could you give us a better sense of your workflow? Personally, I keep my Scrivener stuff (writing) separate from my research (DTTG) or sources (PDF Expert). I suppose this sounds a little inconvenient, but I find it works well, and I appreciate being able to use everything in split-screen mode. In fact, I am working on a translation now using materials in DTTG on the right and my translation on the left. It’s going quite well :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your reply.

To answer your question…

I basically do annotation & tagging – so far, with GoodReader when using my iPad and DTP with the Annotation & Tagging script (though I wish there was some way to use it in iOS).

Once I’m done with that process, DTP holds all of my research and annotation, and I migrate what’s relevant over to a Scrivner project when I’m ready to write up the work.

I’m trying to streamline where and how I story my files, and to improve my security (and back ups). Right now, I’ve kept my Scrivner projects in my DTP databases – on the Mac version of DTP. I was hoping to use Scrivner’s sync features, but want to ensure that I would do so in such a way that would be convenient and add additional security.

I understand that DTTG has very good encryption, so I was wondering if there was a way to keep it on a secure synced folder and then access a Scrivner project in DTTG – in order to use it on iOS.

That’s what I was trying to figure out.

By the way, a Scrivner user just posted the following re: DTTG’s security:

I’m curious to hear what fellow users make of all of this.

Thanks so much.

Note that DTTG2 doesn’t encrypt your data on the device. It uses AES-256 encryption during the Sync process, but relies on Apple’s mechanisms for device-locking for database protection.


What did you make of the Scrivner user’s observations?

Ultimately it seems like it’s not possible to sync a Scrivner project on DTTG – and be able to access a Scrivner project on iOS.