DTTG search results actions

I’m trying to select all or at least select one by the search result set and then apply an action such as move or tag to it. This doesn’t appear to be possible at all but perhaps I’m missing something. Further if I select items one by one and inadvertently select an item that is “dimmed out” , my assumption is that this item has yet to be downloaded for some reason, the entire group of selected items is reset , made deselected and I have to start again. Am I missing something here? I’m try to select and move to a different databt both of th DBs are synced on my local network via WebDAV. Any pointers would be highly welcome. The sourc dB is 10,000+ items big and trying to clean up more efficiently.

You cannot move files that haven’t been downloaded between databases.

Thanks for your reply. I do realize that but still don’t see good options for managing results of search innmoving, tagging managing search results sets. Is there functionality I’m missing for search results? Seems like I can only work with one document at a time.

Unfortunately the non downloaded records appear to be the results of incomplete synchronization. That’s what I’m trying to resolve here actually.

Content was added on all of 3 different devices and the syncing has not been reliable enough to keep everything in sync.


The search results currently can only be interacted with one at a time. This will likely change in future versions.
If you are having sync issues, you should select DTTG’s Help > Contact Us to start a support Ticket.

Thank you Jim. I’ll do that once I can provide more reliable context for it. Unfortunately I dove right in on this once DTTG was updated a long time ago and should have pursued resolution then. It’s a bit of a mess at the moment. Let me think about how to characterize the situation definitively and then submit a ticket. Thanks for the direction on that.

No problem, no hurry. We’re not going anywhere. :smiley: