DTTG Search syntax / Prefixes

Yesterday, while on the an airplane flight, I decided to do some document cleaning on my iPad. I assumed that most of the documents that I found scattered around in various applications like GoodReader and Readdle’s Documents were already stored in DTTG, but I wanted to make sure. In DTTG’s Search box, I’d type in the title of a document, and get TONS of hits, but usually based on the content of the documents and not the Title. I then tried to narrow the search down by using “Name:”, and that worked, but “Filename:”, “Extension:” or “Kind:” didn’t.

Where can I find a list of DTTG search Prefixes/Syntax? I thought it might be using Apple’s Spotlight, but that’s not the case.

name: is correct.

DEVONthink To Go’s Help > Appendix > Search Operators

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the reply. Are these the only search prefixes for DTTG?


At this time, yes.
And you’re welcome :slight_smile:

How do I sign up to be a 𝛽eta tester? :slight_smile:

PM @eboehnisch and he can assist you.

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