DTTG SearchBox bug in IOS11 b6,b7


I have been testing ios11 in my iPad Pro for several months by now and there is a bug in DTTG (or in IOS11 itself) when you try to search something; when you press in the the search box to type a search term, the box gets hidden between the header and the “Database/Group” search box. you can type, but you really can not see anything of what you are typing.

I do not know if this is a DTTG Bug or IOS11beta bug, but as betas are getting better the bug is still there, so I thought I should report in here just in case.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for the report! We will have it resolved when iOS 11 goes live.

I see this as well on an iPad Pro, and on an iPhone 7. I can search, but I can’t see what I’m typing. When will the fix be posted?

I’ve seen this in Safari, at a particular site. When posting a forum reply, as I begin typing, the entry window goes blank. I have since discovered that if I scroll that text box down, the text I typed shows up. If I continue typing the text disappears (when actually it has scrolled up out of view). Thus as I type out a message, I have to periodically scroll the text box down to see my composition.

I suspect iOS11 is causing this.

@pedstrom: Have up updated to DTTG 2.3?