DTTG stability

Since installing version 1.1, my DTTG has become highly unstable.

Multiple crashes at start-up or while browsing the database. At start-up, I often have to manually remove DTTG in the multitasking menu in order to start DTTG once it has crashed.

I have to work with large PDF documents (from 20 to 70Mb). Numerous crash. Also corruption of databases by taking a large PDF file into iAnnotate and back to DTTG (impossible to sync the database anymore - I had to remove the app and reinstalled and start over with the databases).

Finally, I notice that DTTG is very slow in accessing information in the databases in v1.1 compared to the older versions. Especially my large database (10000 files); browsing into it sometime crashes DTTG when at the 3rd or 4th level, still even had a chance to select a file…

What is happening with DTTG? DTPO is so stable and efficient.

  • What kind of iOS device are you using?
  • What version of iOS are you using?
  • Before v1.1, did the large PDFs (70MB) work or has that always been a problem?

If you sync with iTunes, you can send crash logs to us directly, which will help us track down your specific issues. You can find the crash logs in the following location:

Just send them to us at support@devon-technologies.com. If you know exactly what you were doing at the time, that helps us even more.

Have same problem. Sync is OK. But after syncing cannot open the app. Crashes everytime. I have to uninstall and reinstall then sync my files gradually, then start over because of crashes. Solution? I am using latest iOS on iPad2.
P.S. I have a large medical library.

When you sync gradually, does it work until you reach a certain number of files? For example, does it work fine if you sync 50 files, then 250 files, then 500 files, but crash once you’ve synced 2000 files?

  • How many files are in your library?
  • What type of files are in your library?
  • What size are the files?
  • What is the total size of the library?

Hi Jon,
About 7000 files, pdf, jpg ppt, xls, and doc files. Sometimes, rarely, I can keep trying to start the app and it would open without any problems, and I can view and browse my files. In many other times, it just crashes on start.
The crash never happens on sync. I have not had one problem syncing. It happens after syncing all my library (~7000 files) But do not know how to be more selective and sync only needed files. It would be a very tedious affair to just pick some files to sync.

Thanks for those details. We suspect it’s due to the size of the database, but we’ll be investigating further.

Are there any crash logs in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DEVICE_NAME> ?

Sorry for the long time to reply. Was out of town at various scientific meetings.

The problem occurs on my iPad running the latest version of iOS (the current latest and the previous iOS, it did not make any difference in performance). Note that I am not doing any sync of my large On Going Stuff database with my iPhone! That database has over 10000 files.

Before DTTG 1.1, opening was fine (did have some problems with sync however) and the app did not feel slow when navigating the folder structure. Since upgrading to the latest version of DTTG, multiple crashes on startup and very slow navigation. I usually have to clear all apps in the multi-tasking queue before I can start DTTG once it crashed.

Did you look to see if there were any crash reports in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DEVICE_NAME> ?

Yes and I send them recently.


Thanks. I found them now; sorry for missing them before.