DTTG sync scenario

I’d like to understand whether the follow scenario could be valid or dangerous.

  • On my MBP I create a syn on an external cloud (but non iCloud, just to be clear).
  • On my ipad Pro i sync using the same location configured on MBP

But often, I could be at a place (I travel a lot) with my MBP and iPad pro on the same table and I could have some trouble to sync MPB/iPAD because of no internet connection.
So, I am thinking to configure a direct connection between MBP and iPAD (using bounjour) so I could continue to sync my MBP and iPAD using this direct correction instead of cloud server,

After establishing internet connection both system restart to sync using cloud server.

But I would not like to change anytie the configuration, I’d like to keep both syn configuration active leaving the DTTG and DT to using what they prefer.

Is this a good way to work or this is the perfect way to have some corrupted or not update documents?
Is there s different way to solve this my question?

Thanks in advance



Our sync engine supports multiple sync locations, so you could have both Bonjour and a remote sync location active.

Because Bonjour isn’t always allowed on public or managed networks, I suggest connecting the mobile device to the Mac. Sync will use this as an isolated network so you can sync via Bonjour in these situations.