DTTG sync via file?

Hi there, despite help of @Bluefrog, DTTG isn’t really syncing. Maybe, my demands are too high. I’ve yearly databases of all my emails, so typically about 50k files. Each year.

It’s never clear whether it has synced successfully or not, it’ll restart indexing - and that takes now for months.

In short, it’s a mess. DTP is great for archiving mails, DTTG is quite the opposite. And that I can’t even sort by date the search result list in it, makes the use of it very very limited.

But still want to have it. My iPad has 1 TB of space, and a fast USB C port, so can we at least just put those databases on a disk, hook it to the ipad directly and load it from there?

Sorry but no it’s not possible to sync to DEVONthink To Go outside the processes of our sync engine. That would also create an inconsistency in the sync data as there’d be no transactional data available from the transfer of files outside sync.