DTTG sync with local sync store

Actually DTPro must be startet to sync. It would be nice to sync DTTG with local sync store.

We’re currently working on a new sync for both iOS and Mac OS X, therefore WiFi won’t be the only option for DEVONthink To Go anymore.

You’ve been “WORKING ON” a “NEW” sync for DTTG since you came up with DTTG after I bought DTP years ago.

When do you think you might stop “working on” a new sync for DTTG and provide your paying customers with something useful and stable?

There are lots of times I wish I would just give up on the whole venture and stick with something else.

I must admit that I cannot wholly recommend DTP or DTTG to anyone until syncing to my iOS device is reliable. Seems like Clouds have been around for a while. Why don’t you try one of them. Everyone else has.

“Everyone else” (including Evernote) typically works with relatively small sets of individual files that can be saved to a cloud host and accessed from there.

A DEVONthink database, if run from a cloud host, will likely become damaged. That’s because the database has a dynamic structure for performance reasons. No cloud host (including iCloud) stores and accesses files in the same way as does OS X on a Mac.

The current Sync procedure of DEVONthink applications for Mac can use Dropbox to hold a “store” of the files contained within a DEVONthink database, as well as database metadata files. This “store” is sent directly to the cloud host using APIs provided to developers by Dropbox, and so bypasses the need to duplicate database content in the user’s local Dropbox folder. It seems that no two cloud hosts use the same APIs, so Dropbox has been chosen as the one most commonly used. (Apple hasn’t designed iCloud as a target for use by DEVONthink at this time.)

A second-generation version of DEVONthink for Mac’s Sync procedure is under development, and will also form the basis for the next generation of Sync for DEVONthink To Go. Sync is a complex procedure, as it must reliably handle cases of transfer of many thousands of files and their associated metadata, as well as manage potential conflicts during the procedure. So Sync is much more sophisticated than the procedures used by “everyone else”. :slight_smile:

Needless to say, testing using a cloud host for transfers of tens of thousands of files and their metadata has to accommodate and compensate for vagaries of the Internet and a cloud host that might not show up in transfers of small sets of files. Nathan, who is working on that, is getting there and at the same time (as far as we can tell) is retaining his sanity. :slight_smile:

The next generation of DEVONthink To Go will provide for use of at least one cloud host, as well as Sync via a local WiFi network.

I’m a paying customer, and last time I checked (about 10 minutes ago), I had a “useful, stable” DTPO/DTTG setup going with GBs worth of synced files. And I add, delete and modify lots of files, so I certainly give the sync quite a workout.

While I agree that DTTG “2.0” has been a long time in the making, I’d rather upgrade to a reliable new version, than something hacked together.

Oh, and one more thing: What do you mean by “paying customer”? Wasn’t that a one-time charge of around $ 15.00 for DTTG? Given my usage of this app, this has been a steal. So please tone it down!

DeVille, gg378: +1

I am actually getting annoyed at all this jabbing. It is distracting the guys who develop good stuff I like to buy.

Would I like to have DTTG2 right now, with all it’s promised to be? Sure.

Do I believe it is easy?

Nooooooooo, and a whole lotta people bitching about DTTG don’t seem to understand what Bill has brilliantly explained. It is frigging hard to sync massive amounts of database data without glitches - inexpensively.

You CAN throw a lot of money and have enterprise-strong solutions, but it is HARD to do so to something like DT data for, really, peanuts. Evernote is MUCH simpler, and it has had its shares of trouble. And Evernote premium, which I have, is NOT peanuts (though it is not that expensive either).

Be patient, let the guys work.

(I have not been paid to rant)