DTTG Text Files Don't Reliably Switch Editing On + Off

Let me start by saying that DEVONthink to Go on iPad basically all by itself makes the iPad a real tool for work and I absolutely love it, plus I love the constant improvements that DEVONthink pushes out on the regular. As a professor, researcher, and writer, DTTG is an amazing one-stop-shop for reading, writing, marking up student papers, etc.

Among other things, I write newsletter posts (see: https://austinkocher.substack.com/) from news articles that I save in DT, and since DT does a great job of handling MultiMarkdown syntax, DT basically replaces any need (for me, anyway) to use some other markdown editor (Bear, iaWriter, etc.). As a writer, this is amazing.

The only issue I’ve had is that markdown files specifically (though possibly other text file types) do not always reliably change between editing and not editing modes. So if I have two DT windows side by side on the iPad (a news article on one, writing blog post on the other), the editing window will sometimes freeze with the editing toolbar showing at the top even though I cannot edit/write inside the document. If I drag that particular “frozen” window to its own full screen or click to another file and back, sometimes it will fix itself. Sometimes it won’t, and sometimes it will stay semi-frozen until I force-quit the app on iPad (swiping up in the app manager) and reopen everything.

Not sure if others have experienced this behavior or some version of it, but it would be great to see if it’s something that can be fixed. It’s the only hiccup in this particular workflow at the moment.


Thanks for sharing your experience and the nice feedback!
If this is consistently reproducible, could go in DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

Your situation sounds similar to the one in this post.
I don’t see it that often but I am almost exclusively seeing it on iOS not padOS.