DTTG: Unable to view/delete/sync document

I’m having trouble with a single document in my DTTG Global Inbox. Recently a synchronization stalled during sync of a document (renamed to problem1). This document is not listed in my Global Inbox. But, can be found with search by name and in the Recent Items smart list.

The name is greyed out, is designated as “document cannot be displayed”, and I cannot delete the file.

Is there any way to delete this file? Is there a means to rebuild the database for DTTG? Is there a work around to allow me to sync my Global Inbox and not stalling and failing when this file is reached?

Thank you.

One workaround might be to reset DEVONthink To Go (see preferences) and to synchronize all documents again.

Yes, I believe that should get everything working. But, prior to reseting and deleting the documents on the iPhone, I will have to manually transfer those that have not yet been sync’d to DEVONthink.