DTTG updates not syncing back to DTPO

Did some updates to a database on DTTG that was previously in sync with DTPO.

But now the changes aren’t being applied to the DTPO version of the database.

What am I doing wrong/missing here?

David :confused:

Please provide more information on what type of sync this is. We support more than one method. Thanks.

Sorry, should have said this is syncing via Dropbox


No worries!
Is there a triangle on the sync icon in the bottom toolbar?

Is anything reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log on the Mac?

There’s no triangle against the cloud on the iPad as if it’s synced up to Dropbox OK.

There’s nothing coming in the Log window on the Mac BUT . . .

The items in the database in DTPO that should have been changed are slightly grey out and each one shows a File not yet available and a Download button beneath the Safari Web Archive icon.

Clicking on any of these Download buttons causes an attempt to download to the database in DTPO from Dropbox. There are about 605 items to be downloaded but when this completes, none of the files have been downloaded (they’re all still File not yet available) and no error messages are posted in the log.

I’m wondering if the Dropbox sync file is corrupt and if there’s some way I could clear it, resync from the database on the iPad and force an update into DTPO.

The items can easily be recovered as I still have all the web URLs in the database.


Further to the above, I have just tried to capture a new Web Archive to this DTPO database. This also ends up with a File not available.

If I do a Web Archive to any of my other databases (Global Inbox was the one I tried) then it succeeds without problems.

A Verify & Repair on the problem database doesn’t flag any problems but I wondered if I should just Rebuild and manually update any failed items?


You clipped a web archive and the resulting file shows it not yet available? :open_mouth:

Yes, that’s what happened with this database. Fine with any other database.

I think I have managed to resolve the issue.

I found that the items that had been changed in the DTPO version of the database were in the Trash, presumably as part of the sync process but they had not been replaced by the amended items from the DTTG database.

I moved the items back from the Trash into the DTPO database.

It then appears to resync. This has resulyed in both database carrying both items in each case - the orginal from the DTPO database and the amended item from the DTTG database.

I now just need to remove the orginal items from the DTPO database and it should resync with the DTTG database.

I’m assuming some sort of glitch during the sync operation from Dropbox.

Thanks for listening to me!

David :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the follow-up. It’s unclear what happened here, but it’s good to have more details to inspect. Thanks