DTTG uses network without checking connection is available

I have recently rediscovered DT and I’m now using DTTG. 1st - great work on the OTA sync, best implementation of sync I’ve seen (compared to Bento VooDooPad, etc). As long as DT is wake only user interaction required is at the iPad.

However, here’s the feature request.

I don’t always have a GSM data account active when I’m traveling. Each time I start DTTG when 3G is ‘active’ but without an active data account I get ‘Cellular Data Plan Usage, There is no data remaining on your current plan… Later/Now’

I suspect this is because DTTO is trying to ‘call home’? Please could you add the test to see if any data connectivity is available before calling home so that I don’t get the iOS message.

By the way the iPad is running 5.0 9A5274d - have to beta test anything. Jonathan

I’ll look into this to see what we can do. There are a few things that I suspect could be causing this, ranging from things that we have complete control over to things that we have little to no control over (iOS behavior).

Do other apps exhibit this behavior? If so, do any of them use location information?

Hi, thanks for responding. Some apps are silent when cellular data no available (they just don’t change their display when asked to refresh). Some apps warn with an app based panel that data connection is not available, and sone do have the same error message as DTTG. Not sure if it is location based, do you want me to do some tests.


If you could do some tests, that would be greatly appreciated. It will allow me to focus my time when I look into it. :slight_smile: