DTTG—wait for 3?

For a new user, it would seem to make sense to wait for DTTG 3 rather than learn version 2 and then have to learn v3 shortly thereafter.

Any idea as to timing of DTTG release?

Supposedly very “soon”

I’m kind of expecting it this week; there may be an element of wishful thinking involved in that expectation, and I note that for psychological reasons I also appear to be deviating from my usual assumption that the week starts on Monday, rather than Sunday.


I learned a very long time ago to “Separate your expectations from your anticipations …” Has served me well.

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Ok. Is there a free upgrade for those who buy version 2 very close to the release of version 3?

Same situation as the OP but also no answer on my question on Twitter.

Any suggestions from the developers as I still could buy the „old“ version for full-price?


I’m not sure the dictionary definition of the terms allows for such an intense distinction. In fact, I’m not even quite sure there is definition parity between expect and expectation. Oh well, that’s momentarily distracted me from expecting DTTG 3 at any moment :smiley:

If you happen to be a scholar of English I’d be happy to listen and learn. Otherwise, I’ll ask my Mum :smiley:

@eboehnisch come on now, we’ve got to the point of discussing nuances of the English language, you’re ready to go :crazy_face:

My take on the phrase is that Expectations are those virtuous things that “should” happen. Anticipations are those things, rightly or wrongly, probably will happen.

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Interesting… I see the opposite at a glance - though it’s clearly possible to see the terms either way.

the way my mentor explained it to me 40 years ago has served me well in numerous situations including today. i am forever grateful.

“Separate your expectations from your anticipations …”

I understand this to be in the spirit of

“Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.”
― Charlotte Brontë

But then again, someone also said “Peace begins
When expectation ends.”


Me, refreshing the DEVONtechnologies blog today.


Much as DTTG isn’t a throwaway investment (compared to other other apps), it’s still obscenely useful. Depending on what you need it for, it might be worth biting the bullet. I know many people want more functionality from the full-fat DT in it, but I find incredible use from just a few features:

  1. It exposes your DT database as a document provider on iOS, which lets you edit and sync documents in well-behaved iOS apps from it
  2. The fantastic ‘index’ feature from DT means you can pull whole directory trees on to your iOS device without some weird centralised sync store, like dropbox - you don’t end up wondering if the dropbox or app-stored version of the file is the correct one
  3. You can still search and find things, and navigate your database

I see DTTG as ‘read only’ for DT Database access, and ‘read-write-sync’ for files within it, as long as you use other apps to edit those files.


If it was just the dollar price of DTTG it would be one thing, but how about the investment in learning and creating a workflow…I am assuming a lot of things will change after the upgrade, no? Has a beta of DTTG 3 been made available?

Not publicly, no (some here will have used a beta governed by an NDA).

I have always understood the difference between expectation and anticipation as a distinction between cognition and affect (emotion). An anticipation is expressed as an emotional state–a “feeling.” An expectation is a conclusion of the mind, a reasoning of “what comes next.” In this sense, they reinforce one another, but it is possible to expect one thing–DTTG will NOT drop today–while anticipating or feeling for something else–I WANT DTTG to drop today.


Am I the only one checking everyday hoping to see some news about DTTG 3 :sweat_smile:


Welcome @Officemondays

Likely not but as we often say: Announcements will be made on our blog and Twitter account when information becomes available.


Yeah, nobody else is doing that. We’re all sitting here doing serious work and - yeah, sure, I’m looking every day too :roll_eyes:


I see another maintenance release dropped on iOS a couple of days ago. I suppose that means they’re still working on v.3. as well.

Has Devon announced whether v.3 would be an in app upgrade or a brand new app?