DTTG—wait for 3?

The release notes a few weeks ago suggested it would be a brand new app.

That’s true. Well I broke down and installed DTTG v.2. I am waiting for database to sync [via Bonjour direct]. I don’t fully understand this process yet. It says there are about 4000 items to sync, and the number keeps going up and eventually the sync fails with an error message in the log. This has occurred 4 or 5 times, each time with a different error. The last one was “The operation couldn’t be completed. Broken pipe Broken pipe (NSPOSIXErrorDomain 32)”. And now it seems to be restarting, not quite all over again but nearly so.

Have you reported this to DT support?

The first sync can take a long time - possibly hours. But what you’re seeing isn’t normal, in my experience

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It might help to describe what you’re doing. Apparently you have DDTG installed on … let’s say an iPad. And DT is installed as well on a machine in the same network? Let’s say its a Macbook Pro (MBP).
So you have Bonjour server turned on in DT’s setting on the MBP?
And Bonjour is turned off in DDTG’s setting?
The error message is popping up on the MBP? On the iPad?
Anything in DT’s log window?

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Thank you for checking! The problem was solved. I basically started over [reinstalled DTTG on iPhone, restarted both Mac and iPhone, repaired and optimized database on Mac, put iPhone in airplane mode and connected by wire to Mac] and the syncing proceded as it should. Since I did everything at once, I do not know what caused the problem initially,

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Well it’s here. The pricing model seems to have something for everyone. I am quite appreciative of the upgrade discount since I just got v.2.