DTTG Welcome Notifications

Just wondering about these notifications that have started to appear on myiPad throughout the day
I’m feeling very welcome

iOS Version 14.6 (Build 18F72)
DEVONthink To Go 3.1.5 (17102)

edit: Upgrade to v3.1.6 solved the issue for me

Guest: “Waiter, waiter, there’s a hair in my soup!”
Waiter: “Shhhhh, or everybody will want one!”

I’ve not been welcomed to DTTG 3 by my iPad today :frowning_face:


I’ve gotten this about a dozen times in the last day. Was just coming here to see if anyone else was experiencing it.

Have either of you tried restarting you iPad? And do you both have DTTG 3.1.5 installed?

(Welcome to the forum @nboat - sorry you’ve had to come here to report an annoyance rather than to sing praise)

Yes - DEVONthink To Go 3.1.5 (17102)
Yes - Restarted iPad

Thanks @Blanc! Long time lurker but never needed to post. Mine is on iPhone, but yes, on the latest and have rebooted a couple times.

I’m not seeing this on either iPhone or iPad (both on iOS 14.7.1). The quick solution, of course, is to turn off notifications for DTTG in the notification centre.

Are you both on the free trial, or have you purchased? And both on iOS/iPadOS 14.7.1?

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iPad Pro 9.7" running iOS Version 14.6 (Build 18F72)
Full paid DTTG

It’s not causing any problems
Just a curiosity that it started up recently and randomly

I’m seeing it on my iPhone and iPad. Pretty sure it started after either the most recent Dttg upgrade or the one before.

Cheers. Just wondering: which version of iOS/iPadOS are you using?

We’re having a few reports of this but aren’t seeing it here or widespread.

I’m experiencing it too.

I’m on legacy trial for v3 and it started to appear after the last update.

And the same question for you: which version of iOS/iPadOS are you using?

iPhone 6S
iOS 14.6
DTTG 3.1.5

@nboat @dvrooman are you both running iOS 14.6 too, perchance?

14.7.1 on iPhone. I’ll have to look up the iPad when I get home. I think it’s the same…

Yes, that’s a glitch of the latest update and will be fixed with the next maintenance update.


Me too Dttg 3.1.5 IOS 14.7.1

Yeah. I’ve gotten it multiple times per day every day since I updated the app a few days ago.

Same as above: