DTTG Welcome Notifications

Cheers. Just wondering: which version of iOS/iPadOS are you using?

We’re having a few reports of this but aren’t seeing it here or widespread.

I’m experiencing it too.

I’m on legacy trial for v3 and it started to appear after the last update.

And the same question for you: which version of iOS/iPadOS are you using?

iPhone 6S
iOS 14.6
DTTG 3.1.5

@nboat @dvrooman are you both running iOS 14.6 too, perchance?

14.7.1 on iPhone. I’ll have to look up the iPad when I get home. I think it’s the same…

Yes, that’s a glitch of the latest update and will be fixed with the next maintenance update.


Me too Dttg 3.1.5 IOS 14.7.1

Yeah. I’ve gotten it multiple times per day every day since I updated the app a few days ago.

Same as above:

I’m also getting this all the time. It’s frustrating.

iOS 14.7.1
DTTG v3.1.5

As already mentioned above, this is a non-fatal message and will be addressed in the next release.

The quick solution, of course, is to turn off notifications for DTTG in the notification centre.

Was getting the Welcome message, now a series of screens and I cannot access the app - it is locked at the subscription page. Following the manage button takes me to the App Store but DTG does not show as a subscription, when I return to the app I am locked on this page and can no longer access the app.

Do you use the latest version?

I am locked out of the app on iPhone by the same screen as James. I am still on the free upgrade.

I’m on the latest version 3.1.5

Every day on all devices (iPhone/iPad)

I’m also locked out. See my post and the entire thread here:

It is working on all devices here internally as expected so we assume something more sinister is at work here. Therefore we’d like to send someone with this issue here a debug/test build. If you have a minute to spare to test a theory please IM me. Thank you.