DTTG with markdown notes is amazing

I know I complain a lot here, but the truth is that my experience with DEVONtech is 95% awesome. So I just wanted to share some new excitement about DTTG.

First off, DTTG is what I’ve always wanted it to be. Yeah there’s still some stuff missing and things that could be better… but the core functionality I care about is 1) editing my documents 2) organizing my documents 3) powerful search. Check check CHECK.

I’ve used Markdown for years, but for some reason had resisted Markdown notes in DEVONthink for a while. I think I was worried that it would mess with the “see also” feature (which I’ll get to later).

Anyway, I’m comfortable with markdown, and while I wish DTTG had markdown-aware editing, I can live with the basic text editing while mobile. I can use Erato to edit stuff on my computer.

Markdown with DTTG is, in a word, amazing. I can FINALLY have the kind of rich information database I’ve always wanted. And I don’t have to worry about folder structures or wiki pages or anything like that. Any note in my database can act as a wiki page, and I can find anything with a simple search.

Here are some things I found interesting

I split my database into notes and reference

One thing I’ve always wanted is to use the see also on just my stuff. Well I finally did it, and I love it. I moved all my notes into their own database, and all reference material into its own database. While I would LOVE for see also to work across databases so I could mix and match, this represents a huge jump in see also’s usefulness to me.

Markdown links make “see also” better, not worse

From what I can tell, “see also” isn’t aware of markdown syntax. So if I have two documents that each link to another document, DT will identify them as related. Now they may not have any content in common, but they do have a common x-devonthink:// link in them – which includes the UUID of the document being linked to. Since that UUID is pretty, um, unique :slight_smile: in the system, DT knows those two documents have something in common. Which is interesting.

DEVONagent gets even more useful

Searching my notes with DEVONthink is cool. Searching them with DEVONagent is next level awesome. The combination of splitting my notes, and use markdown links, makes DEVONagent a killer tool for exploring my thinking.

Anyway, I just wanted to share, because I’ve been a DEVONthink user for years now… I’ve always really appreciated it, but now DTTG has taken it up a whole new level for me.

And if you, like me, are mostly interested in how DEVONthink can help you refine your thinking (and not just hold onto random scraps of information), then I encourage you to try making notes with markdown and linking things where it makes sense. See where it takes you…

Thanks for the kind words and interesting post. I resisted Markdown for along time (as korm can attest :smiley: ) but I am growing more and more fond of it. I find myself using it in about 80% of my Support responses in our Ticket system now (as I prefer it over even an HTML composition window). I actually prefer to look at the Markup itself and only glance at the rendered preview as a check of what a client will see. Cheers!

One thing I REALLY like about markdown is that I can guard against broken links. Because x-devonthink links are part of the content, rather than being embedded like in RTF, you can search for the links. This makes it easy to find any incoming links, verify that there are no incoming links before deleting, and I seems to help “see also” as I mentioned before.

Finding incoming links could not be any easier: select the document, copy item link, paste it into the search field. Boom, you’ve got a list of every document that links to this one.

Yep. The UUIDs are a wonderful, wonderful thing. :smiley: