DTTG - x-callback-url support - set document geolocation

I’d like to be able to set the ‘Geolocation’ property on a document via x-callback-url in DTTG. My use case is that I often create plaintext documents in Drafts on iOS and then send them to DTTG for storage. Both apps are capable of capturing the Geolocation on document creation; I am looking for a way to copy the Geolocation from Drafts => DTTG and x-callback-urls seem perfect.

Is this possible? Or is there any way (ideally programmatic but manual is fine too) to set the Geolocation in DTTG?

I tagged this a ‘feature request’ as I’ve been Googling heavily for the last few minutes and can’t find anything in the forum or in the DTTG 2 manual I downloaded.

Welcome @Derek.Nord

Sorry, but no geolocation cannot be manually set in DEVONthink To Go. The request is noted, though it’s the first I’m aware of.

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