DTTG2: Auto-complete tags

I keep a carefully constructed tag hierarchy on DTPO, in order to streamline filing and retrieval. Until the latest release of DTTG, I had plunked everything in the (global) inbox when on the go, and then had to wait until I was back at my desktop to file using tags. Now that DTTG2 supports tags and syncs to the entire database, I was looking forward to being able to tag bookmarks immediately, when the context is fresh in my head.

The problem is that when entering a tag in either the main DTTG2 app or using the “clip to” interface, there’s no way to bring up the tag hierarchy, nor is there any auto-complete like there is for the desktop. So, the most I can do is guess the right tag, and then do the rest of the work on the desktop. If the correct tag is located below the top level of the hierarchy, a new tag will be created for just this item(s) on the top level. Then, I have to do the messy work of adding the same tag again, but this time from it’s proper location in the hierarchy, and then deleting the new version from the top-level. This defeats the purpose of tagging on the go, because it adds a whole other layer of work.


Actually, there is auto-completion. When you enter parts of the name of a known tag a black editing menu should pop up after you stopped typing for a second of two.