DTTG2: cannot move item out of global inbox

i import an item on the mac into my global inbox. i sync.

now it is on my ipad pro 9.7. I select it, click on the Organize button. Selecting “Move”. No database other than the Global Inbox is listed. No idea how to move it to another DB

This should be fixed in the next maintenance release.

Has this been fixed? I’m unable to move anything out of the Global Inbox on DTTG (2.02).

V2.0.2 is still a beta, this is the wrong board. Thanks.

Am on DTTG2.5 (16250) and have same question. Have an item in global inbox and want to move it to a group in my working database. See only tags in the global inbox listed when touch Move.

@pixelpadder, doesn’t work for me either.

Please post a screencap of the popup immediately after selecting Move.